In the last 5 years we have developed several special projects. We create multi-activity programs that integrate the various activities in

  • Jalur Rempah

Spice trade in the Southeast Asian archipelago left a significant traces of civilization in the form of relics of historical sites, cultural rites, and gave birth to a variety of cultural products that are inspired by its abundant natural resources. It appeared that in the past, people from different nations gathered to the archipelago not only for trading, but rather to build a civilization.

  • Showcase Indonesia

Showcase Indonesia is an performing art program organized in the form of a market, in which global Art Managers, Art Directors, Performing Arts Center Director, Promoters, Agents, Producers, Performing Artists and Culture Scholars interact in various modes and activities with prominent as well as up-and-coming Indonesian Performing Artists. This exciting program is conducted in a way that allows performing arts business society to share experience and more importantly shape the contemporary trends of today's performing arts.

  • World WIde Wayang

Since 2003 UNESCO has proclaimed Wayang Indonesia as the Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Since then, the world has acknowledged Wayang as a masterpiece of world civilization. We respond this world recognition through an integrated program that combines the art of puppetry with various programs such as literature, visual arts, design, new media, motion pictures, games and various other public activities. We make wayang as a source of inspiration for the creators