GELAR plays an active role to preserve Indonesian culture through discussions and educational programs to help realize a vision of enhancing public appreciation and facilitating the sustainability of traditional arts.

  • Dokumentasi Busana Jawi โ€“ 2004

This documentation project is in association with Iwan Tirta, leading batik designer in Indonesia, which also featured R.Ay. Maktal Dirdjodiningrat (90 years old), expert of Surakarta royal court dresses.

  • Dokumentasi Bedhaya & Srimpi โ€“ 2004, 2011, 2017

Bedhaya and Srimpi documentation is a dance conservation project where the reconstruction was done gradually with the support of experts and choreographers, including classical court-dance expert Sulistyo Tirtokusumo and Michi Tomioka. Costumes reconstruction was done by Iwan Tirta, Indonesia's leading batik designer. Currently, the audiovisual documentation of "Bedhaya Pangkur" and "Srimpi Sukarsih" has been completed, as well as music accompaniment of "Srimpi Anglir Mendhung", "Srimpi Tameng Gito" and "Bedhaya Duradasih". We will take 11 more dance videos to complete this project.

  • Revitalisasi Sasando, Cepung & Wayang Wong โ€“ 2005

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism commissioned Gelar and MSPI (The Society of Indonesian Performing Arts) to do a preliminary study of traditional performing arts which are presumed to be endangered. Those were cepung (Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara), sasando (Rote, East Nusa Tenggara) and wayang wong (Central Java). The objective of this project is to present these performing arts in wider communities and gain public opinion and inputs.

Cepung, is an oral tradition of West Nusa Tenggara whom a storyteller was accompanied by five people who are both musicians and actors. Sasando, is a unique musical instrument made of leaves from East Nusa Tenggara. And Wayang Wong, is a traditional wayang dance theater from Central Java.