GELAR utilizes digital technology as a means of creative innovation. The resulting production is presented in digital format to facilitate documentation and advanced research.

GELAR utilizes digital technology as a means of creative innovation. The resulting production is presented in digital format to facilitate documentation and advanced research.

Home Entertainment and TV/Web Production

Home Entertainment is one of GELAR's initial production. Instead of documenting art performances, Gelar brought traditional art performances directly in the grip of the audience. Utilizing the latest digital technology, Gelar started with making VCDs, produced television programs, and currently producing serials on the internet or now better known as the web series.

  • DEWA RUCI - VCD Ki Manteb Soedharsono

Featuring the master of classical Javanese shadow puppetry, Ki Manteb Soedharsono “Dewa Ruci” is produced as a new format of classical wayang (shadow puppet) performance with cinematographic approaches. Without reducing its content (which used to be performed traditionally in 8 hours), this performance was designed into a 60 minutes presentation with English / Indonesian subtitling. This VCD has attract wayang enthusiasts, and had been marketed internationally. “Dewa Ruci” is a prototype of Wayang performance designed for TV viewers.

  • KALASINEMA – 2000 -2001

“Kalasinema” is a traditional shadow puppet performance with cinematographic approach, which 90% picture taken from the shadow sides. Duration 90 minutes, with Indonesian subtitles. Featuring popular puppet masters. Aired on ANTV. Prototype of “Kalasinema” had been aired for 2 episodes on RCTI for special occasions.

    • Kalasinema – Gathutkaca Gugat - 2000
    • Kalasinema – Kumbakarna Gugur - 2000
    • Kalasinema – Srikandi - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Ciptaning - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Rubuhan - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Alap Alapan Sukeksi - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Gandamana Tundung - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Rama Tundung - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Aswatama Nglandak - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Kunthi Pilih - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Babat Alas Mertani - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Suryatmaja Surtikanthi - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Durna Gugur - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Palguna Palgunadi - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Gunung Tunon - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Subali Gugur - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Sumantri - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Emban Kramadaya - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Wiratha Parwa - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Kangsa Lena - 2001
    • Kalasinema – Ranjapan - 2001
  • Sudut Kota & Cerita Kota – 2000-2003

“Sudut Kota” is an edutainment program which contains unique information of local Indonesian culture, communicated in a popular manner. This program is especially designed for younger generations, which aims to introduce and encourage appreciation to the colorful cultures in Indonesia. This program was responded positively by the audience for its presenter’s direct involvement in local communities. Presented by Rudi Gelapan, and broadcasted on ANTV for 52 episodes. Following the next year, “Sudut Kota” was broadcasted by GARUDA TV Netherlands dan CAKRA TV Semarang.“Cerita Kota” is a continuation of “Sudut Kota”, which was responded positively by the audience. Presented by Rudi Gelapan. Broadcasted on ANTV. 

  • Cempala – 2001

Gelar was the program consultant for “Cempala”, a TV talk show program designed for The National Secretariat for Wayang Indonesia (SENA WANGI – Sekretariat Nasional Pewayangan Indonesia). The talk show uses Wayang as a media to discuss current issues. Presented by Soedarko Prawiroyudho, broadcasted on TVRI. 

  • Keliling Betawi – 2007

“Keliling Betawi” is a mini serial consists of 3 episodes traveling program, specifically aimed to promote Jakarta. Aiming at younger urban generation, the objective was to educate the audience all about Jakarta including its culture, lifestyle and history. The program was produced to commemorate the anniversary of Jakarta. Presented by Olivia Zalianty and broadcasted on Lativi.

Stage Documentation

On several occasions, GELAR supported several productions from various art groups by documenting their works.

  • Kunthi Pinilih – 2001

"Kunthi Pinilih" is a production of Deddy Luthan Dance Company. Choreographed by Elly D. Luthan and accompaniment composed by Blacius Subono. Gelar documented this production before it was staged at Het Muziek Theater Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • Gendari & Anggrek Hitam- 2002

In association with Deddy Luthan Dance Company, Gelar played a role in the production management and media relations of “Gendari”, a dance choreography of Elly D. Luthan with a background of classical Javanese dance traditions and “Ketika Anggrek Hitam Berbunga”, a dance choreography of Deddy Luthan which was a composition with a background of East Kalimantan traditions, featuring native traditional West Kutai dancers and musicians.

  • Pyongyang Children Arts Troupe – 2004

Gelar supported a friendship program between The Republic of Indonesia and North Korea, featuring Pyongyang Children Art Troupe. This cultural mission was broadcasted on Metro TV.

Film Production

Starting in 2017, GELAR began to explore film production and is preparing a script taken from Wayang episodes.