Celebrating Diversity, Presenting Indonesia since 1999

Indonesia is the largest archipelago with the highest level of diversity in the world. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (unity in diversity), articulates the diversity that shapes the country. Within its 17.508 islands, Indonesia consists of 1.340 ethnic and sub-ethnic groups with 546 living languages and dialects, and of hundreds of kingdoms with its heritage. Beyond its diversity, Indonesia has managed to develop pluralism while keeping its deeply rooted traditions alive. These rich cultural resources have inspired its people to create invaluable masterpieces.

Inspired by the diversity of Indonesia, GELAR was established as a company by Bram Kushardjanto and Kumoratih Kushardjanto dedicated to developing Indonesian art and cultural assets. Starting as performing arts producer, Gelar strives to create new markets for Indonesian arts and culture through a variety of innovative creative programs. Its vision involves creating new ways to bring Indonesia's cultural diversity to an ever-changing audience, fostering the sustainability of local cultural heritage, and increasing public appreciation through knowledge-sharing. Each program produced by Gelar is based on in-depth research of local content bundled with creativity and innovation through a variety of media to aim ever-changing audience. To that end, Gelar is supported by experts and contributors who have competence, especially in the field of art and culture in general.

Today, GELAR is acknowledged as consultant and cultural program producer which based upon research and development from its network of contributors and experts. Gelar’s program includes stage productions, local and international touring, multi-media conservation and documentary programs, television programs, sustainable festival management, community development programs, sustainable travel, as well as program consultancies for the government and corporate partners.